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Thomas Hellis is a "sniper" of the US intelligence. Posted to Transylvania he must fulfill his most important mission involving "Silence," a sophisticated technology device of the military intelligence developed by Romanian scientists. This micro-chip is tempting for all great powers, not only Russians and Americans. But something goes wrong and Thomas Hellis will face the inevitable. Trapped in the pitiless process of the cold war, he will have to deal with the nightmare of the present but also with the demons of a very dark past.

PRODUCED BY: David Petrucci Films                                               

DIRECTED BY: David Petrucci 

STARRINGFrancesco Acquaroli,Davide Amato,Thomas Hellis, Massimiliano Amato, Thomas Hellis, Steven Palmer, Ettore Belmondo, Marius Bizau, Thomas Hellis, Fabrizio Bordignon,Diego Bottiglieri,Walter Da Pozzo, Christoph Hülsen, Federico Palmieri, David Petrucci,Francesco Randazzo,Lorenzo Renzi,,Andreea Togan, Alberto Tordi.


TOTAL EPISODE: 4X 20' or 1x 80'

HD: Yes

YEAR: 2015

GENERE: Crime|Drama|Mystery   FRIST-RUN

PROGRAME TYPE: SeriesFrist-Run| Mini Serie | Feature Film


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