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"The Hidden Angels of Luchino Visconti", is a portrait of the Master through the memories of a group of collaborators who worked with him for many years: the operators, as the dean Nino Cristiani, Peppe Berardini, Federico Del Zoppo and Daniele Nannuzzi, the still photographer Mario Tursi, and the organizer of production of its films Lucio Trentini.

Luchino Visconti, whose words and signs become camera movements and shots, poem for images, remain forever in the history of cinema.

The life of a man, his daily routines – less known by the official literature – seen through many of the frames shot by his “angels”, who bore witness to his way of living, of interacting, behaving as an artist in and around his creative world.

A work, in Visconti’s case, which is not only solitary, as can happen with a writer, a painter or a poet, but which has a “plural” dimension; which needs the help of many other persons to be brought to completion. This is how a movie is born. This is how the eyes of the “hidden angels” have given back to us what he was imagining.

A different look at the man, better yet, the look at that “technical concept” which address strictly professional questions, but which concentrate on the life of the crew navigating in the adventurous waters of that “craft men labor” which is cinema. Led by their helmsman who is able of obtaining, with authority and knowledge of the destination, enviable results .

"Filming with Visconti was easy. He told you so, so, so. And so I did." Are words of Nino Cristiani, that behind the camera, with his eyes glued to the viewfinder, for so many years, for dozens of films, he was the eye of the great masters of Italian cinema, for the season that he lived, was the world cinema.

The documentary is a tribute to the “man Visconti" framed in an unusual and even unpublished portrait.

DIRECTED BY: Silvia Giulietti

STARRINGFederico Del Zoppo, Daniele Nannuzzi, Nino Cristiani, Giuseppe Berardini, Lucio Trentini, Mario Tursi




HD: Yes

YEAR: 2010

GENERE: History|People

PROGRAME TYPE: Documentary


                                              -Fic Brasilia 2007

                                         ​-David di Donatello 2008  

                                              in competizione


-Roma Film Festival 2008

-Milano Doc Festival 2008

-Noemart Film Festival 2010

Gran Premio della Giuria

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